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1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching with certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition advisor and PN1 Nutrition Coach Sarah. 

Sarah specialises in holistic no nonsense nutrition coaching for women who are ready to conquer their relationship with food, for good. Sarah doesn’t offer meal plans nor will she tell you what to eat, instead she will educate you on what healthy habits look like and give you full autonomy over your nutrition. She believes that how you eat is equally as important as what you eat and that achieving complete food freedom is the key to ultimate health and happiness. 

Nutrition for many is the missing component in their health and wellness journey, whether that be from lack of knowledge or mixed messages from previous coaches it can often be a minefield of information. 

Sarah is based from our coaching facility in Rhyl and offers 1 off coaching sessions as well as longer programmes. 

1-2-1 NUTRITION COACHING: Testimonials

Been away for 5 days, With Sarah support and advise I was able to enjoy my food on holiday, didn’t track but was able mentally to know what to eat and when, not going to lie was panicking it would all go horribly wrong but no it’s all good onwards and upwards.

Chloe Dickinson

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