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For too long there has been a divide in the wellness space, the divide between physical and emotional health. 


We believe that when approaching your healing journey it’s important to consider not just the body, but the mind and soul also. To apply the same effort and care to your internal world as you would the external. 


With the ever changing view in society of what makes us worthy, loving yourself can be the most difficult task of all. 


Our aim is to help you take that power back, to reclaim your identity as the strong empowered individual you were born to be.

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Both in person and online mindset coaching providing access to our services from anywhere worldwide

One off masterclasses and longer courses covering all areas of holistic healing

Supported on your journey by a certified mindset coach plus special collaborations with other local healers and teachers

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Elysian Holistic is an online space created for that very reason.

We combine our love for practical mindset coaching techniques with a more holistic approach to health to help you truly master your mindset and ultimately, your life.


If you’re searching for:

Healthy habits that provide you with endless clarity and energy 

  • A form of movement that celebrates your body rather than punishing it leaving you stronger, fitter and healthier 

  • A sustainable approach that provides life-long results, not just a short term solution 

  • The confidence to wear your dream wardrobe and feel incredible in doing so 

  • A community of people who accept and celebrate you exactly as you are 

  • Your true potential as a powerful, empowered and confident individual


Established in 2021 by Mindset and Life Coach Sian, Elysian Holistic is an expansion of Elysian Coaching as a space to explore the more holistic elements of health. 

Having worked in the health and fitness space for almost 5 years we know how vital the role of exercise is in improving your mental health, we also know that for many it isn’t enough. 

Many of us require a greater level of self exploration in order to fully heal the relationship with ourselves and uncover our potential that lies within.

Mindset coaching does not offer advice or mentorship. Instead it’s based on the fact that each of us possesses the answers to our own questions within and that when given the time and guidance to explore this safely, we can overcome whatever battle it is we’re facing.

Traditionally mindset coaching uses coaching methods such as NLP, CBC and positive psychology. Our aim is to combine these techniques with the more spiritual practices such as shadow and inner child work, breath work, meditation and embodiment practices to find a method that works for you.

What's on offer

Over the coming months we will be introducing you to the services on offer including 1-1 healing work, masterclasses and mindset courses including some exciting collaborations with local healers. 

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Message from your coach 

Throughout my teens and into my early 20s I battled with my own mental health suffering with crippling anxiety and near constant bouts of depression. I had always struggled with low self confidence and self worth resulting in a cycle of chasing external validation to fill the void. 


I used exercise as an escape and quickly became dependent on my body as yet another source of validation believing if I looked good, I’d feel good. 


I found yoga and mindfulness in 2019 when I was stuck in a particularly dark place and I can honestly say it saved my life. This mostly physical practice progressed to a more mindful practice in lockdown 2020 and I later continued to complete a certificate in Mindset and Life Coaching to allow me to share this powerful practice with others.


In the past 12 months I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several women both 1-1 and in groups covering topics of low self worth, anxiety and relationships.

I am honoured to now be offering these services on a greater scale and to soon be bringing you a variety of mindset courses and masterclasses. 


I look forward to hopefully connecting with you soon 

Sian x

90 Day Mind/ Body Mastery : Classes

10 Steps to True Happiness Handbook

Within these pages you will find 10 positive psychology interventions to help you understand yourself and your mind better. These techniques will enable you to reframe negative experiences and build resilience. Each intervention is accompanied with actionable steps and exercises to help you feel like your best, happiest self. Select a few to integrate into everyday or trial them all, this book is yours to keep and refer back to whenever you need. 

To keep up to date - please subscribe to our mailing list

90 Day Mind/ Body Mastery : Text
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